Shannon Elisabeth, Ph.D

I am honored and privileged to offer my gift of communication to you so that you may connect more deeply with your own gifts. Allow me to share what brought me here... 


My story took a sharp, unexpected turn in January 2013 when my then-husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at the age of 37. While always spiritually grounded to an extent, this confusing, heart-wrenching period of time provided the foundation for everything that has followed. Soon after my husband started chemo, we decided that route wasn’t for us and we were going to move through this our own way, without doctors or hospitals. At some point, a friend we practiced Reiki with put a pendulum in my hand -- and it’s there that my story really begins. Not much happened at first, but slowly over time, I felt myself getting closer and closer to connecting with something higher and with broader perspective. My husband and I had spent the prior couple years listening to Esther Hicks and Abraham, for which I am deeply grateful, and my husband was already well-grounded in the four spiritual communication gifts from his life before me. It’s like foundation after foundation had been laid so that I could arrive at this place of clarity and trust.


Tapping into my natural communication gift of clairaudience, I listened for words to come into my mind as I let the pendulum swing yes or no. I was connecting with my spirit guides and my husband’s spirit guides and the larger nonphysical collective we’re both a part of that brought us together in this physical life. We spent the next year asking endless questions, for hours upon hours, including occasionally asking whether it was time to see a doctor again (the answer was always no). It was with great trust that we moved toward my husband’s transition to nonphysical life, and it is with great trust today that I sit with immense gratitude for the perfect unfolding of it all.


Within several hours after my husband transitioned, I was ready to pick up the pendulum and practice with him what we had practiced for many months with our spirit guides. I’ll share here a beautiful message I received from him from his place of broader perspective:


“I miss some things from the physical world, but not miss like a yearning for, rather miss like I can almost capture the thing before it eludes me. What this means is that I can still interact with the world, but I cannot know new experience until I send my energy into a human life…

Your journey does ultimately lead to nonphysical existence and this is a good place to be. From here, I see all the things I choose to see, but without eyes it’s more like I AM the things I choose to see. From here, I feel all the textures of the universe, but without skin it’s more like I AM all the textures of the universe. From here, I hear all the frequencies I choose to tune into, but without ears it’s more like I AM all sound. From here, I sense all the movement that I choose to relate to, but without a body it’s more like I AM the momentum that animates and accelerates life. As you can tell, I AM, though I am not what you remember me to be. I am much greater now, more alive and engaged with the world; I have more expansive reach, and my focus is more clear and penetrating than when I was limited by a physical body. This brings us back to my opening statement that there are some things I miss from the physical world, and the greatest of those is the ability to acknowledge my power through sensory experiences. I acknowledge my power in many other ways now, but that particular way eludes me, and it is nonphysical’s greatest desire to acknowledge itself in its power in human form. This is the only reason you came here and the only thing you have to do.”  


My experience has led me to ample demonstrations of evidence that we are so supported and so loved by our nonphysical partners. Our guides communicate with us through several channels, and each of us naturally tap into this guidance to greater or lesser extents. The clarity, focus, and direction you long for is yours to have, unconditionally and always, through building communication and trust with your particular flow of guidance. You have all the answers you are seeking -- communication and trust with your nonphysical partners are the keys. Your life is meant to be a co-creative partnership between you and your guides, on an unfolding adventure wherein you experience your true power in clearer, more striking, and more abundant ways as you move towards what calls you.


Finally, here are a few highlights from the rest of my story: I've spent 7+ years in academia, as an assistant professor in social work at a state University. For 15+ years, I have been writing, conducting research, and teaching about the medicalization of human distress, the over-reliance on prescribed psychotropic drugs, biases in clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, and the potential for social workers to be leaders in transforming mental health systems to adopt more inclusive and empowering practices. I now bridge my extensive background in mental health with my understanding of our true nonphysical purpose for being alive in a sensory-filled world. I’ve developed my gift of clairaudience in a way that allows me to stream messages for myself and others from spirit guides and loved ones, including my late husband with whom everything I do is written. I offer consultation on cultivating your own spiritual communication gifts and lead retreats on a variety of topics related to connecting more fully and partnering with your nonphysical higher self.