Guidance and Clarity (Individual 1-hour Session)

Your guides are eager to connect with you and offer clarity on anything that is important to you. In your Guidance & Clarity Session, we’ll identify the primary way your guides flow their guidance to you, how much of their guidance you’re receiving and acting on, and how much fear-based baggage you’re carrying that gets in the way. Your guides will also come through with a loving message that speaks to their validation and support of your purpose in this life. By the end of your session, my aim is for you to have a clear sense of how to continue strengthening the flow of guidance into your life, so that you may co-create all that you desire in a life of fun, freedom, and oneness. Your Guidance & Clarity Session includes your personalized "Flowing with Guidance" chart and the opportunity to ask questions to your spirit guides on any matter that is important to you. 


Spirit Guide Check-In (30-minute Session)

Building a co-creative partnership with our Spirit Guides takes time, as you align with your inner guidance and build trust that the relationship is real. As you're building this relationship, we can check-in any time for validation or confirmation, clarity, focus, or direction, or anything else that's important to you in the moment. This is a 30-minute "check-in" session by phone, video chat, or in-person (in Fort Collins). Come with your questions and we can get a lot packed into 30 minutes!

YOUR Flow with Guidance: Personalized Chart 

Your "Flow with Guidance" chart details for you: how many spirit guides you have; your most to least strong communication channels and the primary channel your guides want to use to build trusting partnership with you; the proportion of guidance you clearly tap into compared to the proportion of fear-based baggage you operate from; and two core aspects of Self that you are in this life to explore. This chart provides a simple, quick overview of your spiritual communication gifts and flow with inner guidance. Order your chart today and it will be completed and emailed to you within 24 hours. If you would like to talk through the information on your chart and have the opportunity to ask your guides direct questions, please book an individual Guidance & Clarity Session.