Our "work" in this life is to connect with our higher self, our source, our guides who eagerly and unconditionally support us in creating all that we desire. The freedom we experience from living as one with the larger part of who we really are is everything we're seeking. It’s all we are here for. And it's meant to be enjoyed, as we witness the unfolding of our life with curiosity and surprise. I am so happy you are here. 

Relax into a co-created life of fun, freedom, and oneness.

Shannon Elisabeth, Ph.D.

Fun Freedom Oneness

Gifts I Offer...

Clarity, Guidance, Focused Direction,
Spiritual and Life Coaching,   
Spiritual Communication and Partnership

Order Your Personalized "Flowing with Guidance" Chart

Your personalized "Flowing with Guidance" chart offers a simple overview of your spiritual communication gifts and flow with inner guidance. This is a great initial step to get the lay of the land of your unique communication channels with your team of spiritual guides. Order your chart today and receive it completed via email within 24 hours!

From my Guides to you...

You are doing so well and are so close to remembering who you really are and what it is you're doing here. We encourage you to listen deeply and to move towards what's calling you forward. Your journey is simple, not always easy, but simple in that there is nothing for you to do other than listen and move towards. You are so supported, and the more you listen and move towards, the more pronounced the demonstrations of our support of you can be. Relax, be at ease, and have fun with our creations. This life will not last long, and you can live it powerfully.